maple glazed vegan goodness filling the kitchen with great smells this morning :) my recipe is now on the site ready for your easter
I turned my old famous double chocolate cookies, into dairyfree avocado double chocolate cookies. too good! Recipe on my site,
my take on roasted tomato soup is now on

The All Natural Cure

The site is now live! Come and check out the site for dairy free, vegan and healthy recipes tailored to help you manage health issues and feel amazing inside and out. I suffer from ulcerative colitis and through my new way of living and eating I can manage it all medication free, and have never felt healthier!

quit my job and started my own design studio.

take a look, and spread the word :)


all up to date with work from this year. take a peek.

Viaggio Bicycles

Check out the viaggio blog here too :)

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Bringing classic oldschool bicycles back into the modern day with clean, slick design. Custom builds, apparel and accessories.

Check out this blog for some sick beats.

some new work on my site. so much more to come, but take a peek.

the first in my year long series of lecture posters is up.

if you're into fashion, shoes, and blogging, which a lot of you are...

seven days!
the sea of clouds from edinburgh to bristol.